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02-14-2010, 04:37 AM
Originally Posted by Reyluryn
EVE Online, PVE / PVP mix and it's doing well for it's market
Have to interject on this one.

Eve is NOT PVE / PVP mix

Eve Is PVP with the option to attempt to PVE due to their combat system.

There is an old addage in Eve.

"By pressing undock you agree to non-consensual pvp"

And it couldnt be a more accurate statement.

And Eve couldnt be more successful.

The problem with Eve is it's players are mainly of an Elitest mindset becasue I killed you, therefore I am better than you, and now i haz ur stuffs.

I cant figure exactally what is wrong with the PvP in this game, I like it but i feel the CC "spells" need a bit looking into.

As for open pvp areas i'd be all for it but with their current game design i dont see how it could be worked into the instances without it being immensley one sided. IE Instance has a cap of 50... so who is to say that 40 klingons enter before 10 fed do... then its 4-1 ratio. They went with a queue and i think they will not be able to change much in terms of engagement ways