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02-14-2010, 03:45 AM
Originally Posted by Illililili
this is a known bug, and has happened to a LOT of people. I submitted my first report on this on 01 Feb. A week later I got a canned response that the info had been "processed" and that I should contact a GM to see if they could restore my items. My ticket for that has yet to be answered (now 7 days old).

I am pretty certain I read in an article on making MMO's that a sound database was the single most important feature the game had to posses. On that regard, Cryptic is failing hard.

A database that doesn't save changes when the changes happen and reverts characters back in time when they are dropped is not a good database at all...

It's happened to a small handful of players. Not a LOT of players. granted, thats no excuse, but if youve sent in a GM help ticket and ALSO sent in a bug report detailing exactly what you were doing, what time, where you were, what race your character is, Which items you switched out etc, it will help them fix it faster. The more info you cna give them, the more likelihood a resolution will come fast.