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02-14-2010, 03:50 AM
Short Therm

* Just fix the Mission and Interfacebucks!!!!
* Whene I find one Fed. Boy travelling alone. I want to attak them. It should be possible in PvP Sector blocks like Eta Eridani

Mid Therm

*I only want to make a suggestion to improve the exploration-missions were you have to investigate a Base!

The bases are generated randomly, and this is necessary to simulate an endless universe. In the present game, the bases locks like there never live someone.

I think that with small rules for the game to generate a Base, the atmosphere in the game can be improved.

I think about something like
-If itís a Science station, there have to be at least one Laboratory, one cantina, livigquarter, medical station.
-If itís a listiningpost, the program have the same rules but there is no laboratory, there is an big command room and an Observatory.

And so oneÖ A few new graphic sets have to be added and I know that there are more pressing building sides in the game.

I only post this in the hope someone from the Dev-Staff read this and kip it in mind.
At this point the bases looks like there where never living beings on it.

Long Therm

* I am a Captain! I want have a choice. Give us some decisions to make. Not only linear mission.
* watsh Startrek!!!! I mean every Film, series. There are a hole bunch of Ideas for more variation on the Exploration maps.

And keep going. You have make an good foundation. With a lot of work STO can become an great game. But there is a lot to do to convince me to continue pay my fees in one or maybe five years from now.