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02-14-2010, 04:56 AM
Originally Posted by kodzero View Post
Cryptic won't give a XXXX to non Us citizen.

220-260 ms latency from Europe ,thank you very much.(I guess there is money to be made there,UE servers must be expensive).And why crash only a region while you can crash the world.

Downtime when it's conveniant for Us time; thank you very much.I'll start living on the Pst clock.

English Spoken in game,sooo, no Spanish ,french ,german.(not to mention Asia),no localized servers at all.
You just need to make it as best as you can.You need something,too bad.

Well,i need a UE server.
EVE has one worldwide server based in London -- no language specific servers, and no *****ing and moaning from Americans about pings and so on.

Oh, and EVE also does its DT from 11-12 GMT. Go figure, huh? I guess Iceland-based CCP also has it in for European players.