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02-14-2010, 04:10 AM
Originally Posted by tedgp123 View Post

It's happened to a small handful of players. Not a LOT of players. granted, thats no excuse, but if youve sent in a GM help ticket and ALSO sent in a bug report detailing exactly what you were doing, what time, where you were, what race your character is, Which items you switched out etc, it will help them fix it faster. The more info you cna give them, the more likelihood a resolution will come fast.
Err... actually it *HAS* happened to a LOT of players already. Dunno if you've actually spoken to people in zone chats etc., but pretty much everyone I've spoken to had at least one of their items go poof, be it an epic grade item or a blue one. This is most certainly a critical bug and must be fixed as soon as possible. Every other rare or epic grade item I get won't be equipped to my ship until that bug has been fixed, that's for sure.

Also, submitting a ticket doesn't really seem to be the proper way to get in touch with a GM in this game apparently. I'm a European player, and I've spoken to people during the European peak time and only a small handful of people have actually spoken to a GM so far. Also, I honestly doubt a GM will bother with giving back anyone's item tho because it's a "known" issue and needs to be resolved by the devs, blabla...

In short; people that lost items are pretty much screwed. Now trust me guys I've lost a shiny purple as well and I don't like it anymore then the next person but I think we may as well accept that items lost are lost permanently.