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02-14-2010, 05:23 AM
Originally Posted by kodzero View Post
Don't know that game,and i m not interested in it.I'm talking about star trek there.
It's a comparison, another game that just uses one server cluster based in one location to serve the entire world, and most people have little to no lag on it unless it's a problem on their end with their ISP (which it likely is for you).

You cannot blame Cryptic for wanting to host their servers close to them for oh so many obvious reasons. I've worked in a games company that hosted an MMO and believe me having servers close by helps a lot, and even so the hours we had to come in for downtimes was a killer. Right now Cryptic has worked out that despite it being close to midday in Europe when they bring the servers down it has the least amount of people on overall.

But hey you clearly want to ignore logic and continue to throw a hissy fit. The only one who comes off looking bad is you here.