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02-14-2010, 04:34 AM
Originally Posted by alreya
Oh, and EVE also does its DT from 11-12 GMT. Go figure, huh? I guess Iceland-based CCP also has it in for European players.
Your point being?
At least, with CCP/Eve you can put your clockwork to the test with their DT. And it's only an hour, daily. This differs from STO/Cryptic greatly: inaccurate downtimes - even the scheduled ones fall short or start earlier then depicted no to mention being unable to connect at times. I do hope Cryptic will find an answer to theses issues, but until they do, I'll find my joy somewhere else.

SOE has different servers for USA and Europe. For Europe, they go down for maintenance around 0400-0600am GMT once or twice a week (when most of us Europeans are sleeping)... Good choice!

SOE is not perfect, but they understand that with an MMO 24/7 economy/support is a necessity.