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02-14-2010, 04:35 AM
Originally Posted by kodzero View Post
My point exactly Jerry,Cryptic smells like a Greedy company.There for the money.(wait and see how the respec system will work).

They did The minimum that could be done with sto.
ANd ,I speak for myself now,I believe the star trek license would have been in better hands with an other MMo develloper,i'm not after the devs,i'm after the board.

To Rkiver,if you do not speak english,you are missing a big lot of a community,and star trek is a big and various community.Some people just don't speak english.( i barely do).
I don't know of a single company in the entire world that isn't out to make money. So are you saying that all companies are greedy? Do you think that everything should be given out for free?