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02-14-2010, 06:14 AM
Originally Posted by Otheym81 View Post
As a side note, another problem with PvP is the playing options. Three kinds of modes,one of which is never played and a capture map which has little leveling benefit? If you wanna advertise PvP leveling, make it worth it. Cause deathmatch is partly the reason things seem "unbalance." Klings can always dictate the fight in deathmatch. No reason to uncloak unless you're shooting something.
That is one of the reason I avoid Cracked Planet and Solar Wind (Arena) as much as I can as both Fed and Klingon. When both sides are at their best, it results in stalemate. This becomes much worse in a House battle as you'll never see the enemy until one side or the other gets bored enough to either suicide or outright quit.

But ironically enough, since my own rant-post on the state of PvP, things have become simultaneously much better and worse at the same time for me. I have seen teams of K'Tinga class hold a small Salvage Operation map consistently enough to win several times in a row. But on the flipside, outside of prime-time I have seen Salvage Operation maps spawning with 10 Feds on one side and 5 Klingons on the final leader board. Holding territory like that is far too difficult, so we're still losing most of the time. This time because we simply don't have enough Klingon captains to go around.

Seriously though, Arena is only good for leveling if you play outright suicidal, and therefore are sabotaging your own team. I expect at some point Cryptic is going to take a look at that and start putting the brakes on. Once space PvP becomes a little more balanced, it would be logical to just reduce or pull the plug completely for career losers gaining skill and money rewards. (And perhaps giving more to the winners to compensate.)