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02-14-2010, 05:30 AM
I'm in the same boat. After doing everything that the forums say "might" help, nothing has thus far.

I'm running:

OS: Vista x64
Video: Nivida GeForce 9800M GTS - 512MB
Ram: 4 Gigs DDR3
Processor: Intel Duo 2.26GHz
Fully upgraded drivers, DX, etc.

I've went from 190 drivers to even the beta 195.62. I'm useing GPU-Z for the temp and I go from 47 C standby all the way up to 108 C on recommended video settings WITH the "new" options just added to lower temps. I know it's not my video card "going out", as people always put it, since the laptop is only 2 months old. IMHO they should of kept it in beta until all these problems were fixed. Why should people pay for a game that isn't playable by some Nivida video cards...?