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02-14-2010, 05:53 AM
I have played for a week and i have got a few ideas in mind:

short term goal
1) we have a bridge that we can go to so make bank and exchange so we can access them from there.
2) also fighting missions fine if you are klingon be federations about exploring more of those please

med term goal
1) more selection on ships types federation made up of many worlds there would have been more
styles than the 3 per rank that you are showing even on the klingon side mercary would have had
their onw ships.
2) little more choices on the faces and stuff for the characters somethings to make people stand out

long term goal
hey wake up this is Star Trek give us Holo-decks name of game people likes to show off they like
trophys. pets are good but been done out the wazoo, one thing everybody likes is a place to show
what they have achive not just in a title. add trophys into the game in form of holo codes that people
can place into a holo-deck that is like a study on federation side and fest hall on kingon side so anyone
that is visiting a friends or fleet bride can walk into and see what they have done.