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02-14-2010, 06:54 AM
I'm an intermediate gamer at best. I joined up for life more because I'm a Trek fan than a game fan, so I don't know enough about MMO's to complain. I do, however, have a few suggestions that could make this experience closer to the subject material.

1. Instead of just the "Map", there should be "Stellar Cartography". Each time the player explores an unknown system, it should now become known, and appear in the UI. Finding the mission shouldn't be as hard as completing it.

2. Sensors and Tricorders should actually do what they were written to do. They should detect lifeforms, radiation, etc. and show them on a tricorder display. There could be different types of tricorders as well. Medical, Geological, Tactical etc. Too much time wasted stumbling around planets to find a plant. Even though one must only look out for the pointy rock formations.

3. Please add a bit more variety to these "Exploration Missions". How about, instead of static objects, a couple of big, scary new lifeforms that the player would have to vanquish at the end of a mission. Like a "Level Boss". Something like the Delta Vega creature that chased Kirk in the latest film.

4. How about more dialogue? Let some of the major characters speak a little. Like the holographic doctor.

5. Please fix the uniform bug. I've been in the same dirty, sweaty uniform since I was an Ensign, although my hair looks great.