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02-14-2010, 06:00 AM
PvP in this game has gotten stale fast because it is riskless and rewardless. You win, you lose - you get the exact same reward as the person who sucks or the person who is at the top of their game. Why bother fighting in the same map the 100th time and wasting 20+ minutes on a match when you can simply take your shields off and be done with it in 3 minutes.

PvP is not a fun part of the game, it is a mindless grind now. Sure it was fun T1-2-3 ... but after 100-150 Cracked Planets, Solar Winds, Salvage Ops... let's just say that the prospect of seeing the queue pop up for me and my team doesn't excite me anymore. The feeling went from - wee PvP let's go - to meh, let's just get this over with so I can make Captain/BG/go play my fed.

The only reason people reached BG as Klingons was to see the Carrier and be done with the faction.

If people say "We reached T5 too fast" ... We just followed Cryptic's "content" (and I use the word as generously as I can). PvP, PvP, PvP - now with the experience nerf you don't just need 300+ games (number comes out of my behind) to get to T5, but 400-450... Is that an incentive to play?