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02-14-2010, 07:02 AM
Originally Posted by Fox01
Why did they release a game that has so many bugs! Paying for this crap really sucks!

Do you think they will refund us for all the time that the game is either hanging,patching or offline !
Your paying a 24hour connection to STO for 30 days. you want them to refund 2 hours every patch time jut because they happen to have a problem and it needs fixing and it just happens to fall in your peak time.

Wow Cryptic, shame on your lack of psychic powers, shame on you for not knowing this guy really needs to play the game at this time, shame on you for not giving me Admiral Rank and a ship filled to the brim with goodies and shame on you for not stroking my tribble. for shame.

I mean come on, you think people plan to be run over by a car, or slip and crack their skull open or any other accident? you really think they can foresee things? Cryptic is in the wrong business? they should be fortune tellers? grow up already.