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02-14-2010, 06:07 AM
My ships names have been structured in two categories, my cruisers are named after ancient norse cosmology specifically something regarding light and the sun
, and my escorts are named after goddesses of war, except for tier two escort and my first miranda

U.S.S Antares - brightest star in the scorpio constellation- Tier 0 i suppose

U.S.S Athena - Constellation - tier 1 escort

U.S.S Solstafir - the spelling is not acurate since STO doesn't allow for nordic letters, but it is ancient norse for
sun beam, it fits in with the whole brightness theme im going for - Tier 1 cruiser

U.S.S Aurvandel - luminous wanderer in ancient norse, i intended to call it the brightest one in latin(lucifer) but it might be misunderstood. the greek Phosphorus also crossed my mind(morning star) or its other name Hesperus(evening star).
eventually i settled for Aurvandel since it described the same star in all its positions, it didn't change its name all of the sudden depending on the time of day... silly greeks - tier 2 Cruiser

U.S.S Gullidaggry - Golden dawn... same from the sam language as above... actually im not sure if it is golden dawn or golden day. tier 3 cruiser

U.S.S Aeshma Daeva - ancient babylonion demon of wrath, i have no idea why i chose this other than it sounds cool, in mythology she used her mace to blacken the sun.... i know it is ironic i chose this considering my other ships, however she is also considered a goddess of war! - Tier 3 escort