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02-14-2010, 07:14 AM
Short-term request:
1. Fix the mission content already in game.
2. Add in more in depth options for uniforms.
3. Auto holster weapons while at starbase, on your bridge etc. Beaming down to spacedock with a weapon out is a bit out of the norm for Star Trek.
4. Increase difficutly of ground / space missions
5. Add more people to the instances. It seems quiet half the time.
6. While we know you guys are busy, more communication would be appriciated. Even if it is to say hey, we are here and do look at what you guys are talking about.

Mid-term request:
1. Larger Sectors with more planets - Universe seems waaay to small as it is.
2. Make exploration actually involve some... ehm... exploration <borrowed but needs repeating. Exploration should be entering an unexplored system and surveying everything in it, from planets, to anomolies, to nebulas, to the star its orbiting. Trek is a huge universe, and not everyone wants to be Captain Kirk.
3. Neutral Zones should be larger, and unless allied, the moment you cross it you will have ships sent to intercept you.
4. Added ranks with expanded skills / new skills
5. Some type of State of Affairs information network that lets people know whats been going on in the Universe. (Plagues on Kronos, New civilization doscovered, Update on the Federation aid to Romulas etc. This can be something that is jsut randomly generated that lets us feel like we are apart of something larger and that other things are going on around us.
6. Communication from you guys

Long-term request:
1. The different powers engaging in Diplomatic relations resulting in new mission types / territory changes etc.
2. Larger Universe with more planets.
3. More Playable Factions - Romulan, Cardassian, Ferrengi, Breen, J'em Hadar, Founders etc.
4. Interiors for player ships.
5. More options for Fleets - Player owned, or at least controlled, stations.
6. Sector space needs to be a LOT larger. It would be nice to have secor space as one completely linked instance. For example I can go from DS9 to Romulas without have to change through 4 instances to get there.
7. Borders than cannot be crossed without extreme consequences.
8. Sub-careers - Section 31, Starfleet Inteelligence, Medical etc that opens up completely different types of gameplay. Example - A tactical officer who decides to take an assignment with starfleet intelligence with missions stemming from clandestine operations in enemy territory, to stealing a prototype enemy starship or technology.
9. Diplomatic missions that could result in changes to the entire quadrant (Federation - Romulans ally against the borg, hirogens etc).
10. When you actually enter a solar system, it will be logged in the computer / Stellar Cartography that you have been there and know exactly where it is. It annoys me when I get a mission, and have to explore the known galaxy to find the system. If starfleet is giving me a mission, they should know where it is at.
10. Communications from you guys

A lot I know, but I think this game has the right idea. Its limited now but I think, in this case, that is a good thing. It allows you guys to hear the feedback from the people and really add depth and substance to the game.

Thank you for what you guys have done so far.