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02-14-2010, 06:17 AM
Thanks for putting this post:

Short term:
1. When in ground missions and you cycle a weapon, allow me to stay locked on my original target. When you cycle, it de-selects target.
2. Allow bridge officers to be visible while on Starbase 01 so our friends/other players can see them.
3. Lower the "price" of changing costumes and ship modifications. It's a bit high and shouldn't really matter--it's not real money, so making the changes doesn't really "cost" Cryptic anything but would allow more game fun.
4. I keep getting automatically sucked into fleet actions when I'm en route to my mission. I don't select "enter" but get sucked in anyway.
5. When an item can't be equipped, provide an answer as to why. Very little is explained in this game so far.

Medium term:
1. Make maps a little clearer. At Starbase 01, warping to mission doesn't always take you directly there and it can be confusing when trying to find where you're supposed to go.
2. Consider a strategy guide sooner rather than later. Reviewing the player tells shows that 99% of them are players just trying to figure out how to play the game--where stuff is, how to get to specific locations, etc.
3. On a related note, free respecs: so little was explained in the game that we made decisions about slotting that we now regret and wouldn't have made if it had been explained more clearly.

Long term:
1. Content for ground missions needs some outside-the-box thinking. Changing the narrative doesn't make it a different mission; it's pretty much ENTER-KILL-CLICK BLINKIE-EXIT, regardless of the storyline. Change how the player actually interacts with environment to achieve diversity. This was the problem with City of Heroes. Many don't even read the storyline, but even if you do, there's little difference in terms of actions performed. Some ideas:
1A. To reach a location, character must hop across ice flows/precipices/etc., with the chance of falling. Even little stuff like this throws a twist into it, but makes players use more diverse skills.
1B. Consider other vehicles on the ground; single-pilot fighters, ground speeders (think Star Trek: Insurrection), water craft, etc. Combat on these vehicles would be different from the usual. Perhaps have a BO arm a cannon mounted on the back.
1C. Combat variation: consider all hand-to-hand sequences in missions (perhaps weapons don't work). Perhaps a player gets captures and has to duel a foe in order to be freed (think Amok TIme).
2. Create a zone in which ship sensors and targeting don't work. Players are forced to rely on visual contact and forward firing (think the Nebula in Wrath of Khan). It could be a voluntary zone, but would make things interesting if you don't know what could emerge from that gas cloud. Risks are higher, but rewards can be higher too.

Thanks for asking. I hope you incorporate some of these in the future.

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