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I cannot stress enough how boring and repetitive the missions in this game are. To me this is just becoming more and more of a slowing grind for me and it's getting to the point where I'll eventually give up.

I am at Commander 9 and so far ground missions are dreaded, as I have to kill so many bad guys to get to my objectives it's taking me up to an hour or longer to complete these missions. Not only that but every other mission is exactly the same except in a different environment.

I am also guessing that the new Borg Content is going to be no different from anything we'd have accomplished already. E.g. Kill 70 bad guys just to scan some item then fight their leader and beam away.

Another thing is when I have an exploration mission and I scan one object suddenly Klingons appear for no reason and make the mission longer than I would want to bother. Another note on exploration missions is that I keep getting the same ones over and over again, such as killing one squad of Cardassians, then three then the last squad with their leader. I have done this one twice, except the first time it wasn't Cardassians. There was also another that I have had about three times where you have to scan destroyed freighters to see if the Romulans were involved.

One other issue is the suprise maintenance they keep doing, I was nearing the end of a stupidly long mission where I had to kill a huge load of Cardassian Raiders on some base while having to tag boxes for transport and set torpedoes to explode, which is the basic template for every mission it seems. Just as I near having to kill their leader at the end the server goes down, again. "Unexpected maintenance." Now I have to start from the beginning of my mission, again.

This is seriously getting on my nerves and unless they actually plan to change their mission designs in future then I don't think they'll keep very many players similar to myself for very long, as they'll either give up half way through or just get to the raid content, see it's all the same and quit. As with the current content it really isn't worth the money to have to grind. If I wanted to grind hundreds of bad guys I think I'd have chosen one of those Asian free-to-play MMOs.

The content in this game seriously needs work, and not half-minded, repetitive junk.

And for those who'll question what I mean by "Content" I mean the mission design, the environments the missions occur in and so on. As it all just seems the same.