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02-14-2010, 07:21 AM
Short Term:

1. Change space to allow your ship to roll and loop. Currently, you can only go up at a certain angle, and down at a certain angle, which means we do several complete spirals to level off so we can battle enemies that are straight below or above us.
2. Crystalline Entity is an abortion compared to earlier fleet missions, I am not complaining about the complexity of the fleet action for it, but I am complaining that basically a kite and circle and avoid the shards. So basically the only loot for that 2 hour long time sync really isn't worth it. Previous fleet mission, you got loot from most things destroyed leading up to main objective. But with Crystalline Entity, you avoid the shards for the most part that don't drop anything anyways.
3. More customization - hairstyles, skirts, dresses, eye attachments for all races, like a joined trill/trill can't have eye attachments, make up for all female races, right now they are limited to specific few. As far as lore goes for dresses, Whoopie wore many different dresses and she was a Betazoid. More long hair styles for both men and women, right now men have dreads and pony tails for long hair styles, that's it.
4. Make each bridge officer ability on a seperate cooldown from each other. IE: If I use 2 tactical officers for my escort and choose to use high yield and high yield, or high yield and high yield 2 or high yield and spread, these shouldn't be on the same cooldown, because you still have a global cooldown for torpedo launcher anyways. Same for beam abilities and cannon abilities, tactical, science and engineering teams.
5. Balance the Klingons and Feds for space and ground, right now it's severely Klingon sided.
6. Allow for customizable formations for ground bridge officers, that's usable with rally point.
7. Allow for bridge officers to holster weapons when not in use.
8. Change contribution points from being strictly DPS to a true contribution system so that Science and Cruiser Class ships can have a chance at being top dog on the fleet action contribution chart.
9. Give us bigger ground PVP maps that are more wide open fields, perhaps something similar to Breaking the Planet, where we can capture turret points that will help us against our opponents.
10. Give us a respec at level 11, 21, 31, 41, and 49 and a merchant we can buy respec's from.
11. When you abandon a bridge officer to upgrade from one to another, return half the bridge officer points and starfleet merits used for promotion.
12. Do not touch death penalty.

Mid Term:
1. Add more ship customization, Saucer, Hull, Bridge, etc. Add more ship war patterns, IE: Aries, Orion, etc. Make colors more prominent on ships, note: This doesn't mean make it glow neon, the dull paint job works, just would like to be able for it to be more prominent, maybe with a slider bar.
2. Overhaul the Bridge of our ships, I can see our bridge being turned into like a Housing system and I am all for that. Our bank should accessible from our bridge. Or add a hold in our ship for storage.
3. Add mission that board your ship, and you have to defend it.

Long Term:

1. Add more story line.
2. Add more Content.