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Ok here is a question. And i guess many people will call me stupid thanks to it, but hell i'll ask it any way.

Is it, or is it not allright to play an Ekosian?

For those wh do not know what an Ekosian is, here is a brief explanation, followed by a link to a ST wiki where you can read more of them.

Ekosians are a humanoid spiecis first encountered by Captain James T. Kirk in the year 2268 (The episode pattern Of Force, TOS). The race was in a war with its sister planet Zeon in what is best described as an extermination war. It is revealed that a federation cultural observer, John Gilles have broken the prime directive and taken a leading role for the Ekosians. In this he has turned them into Nazis.
His goal however was not to make them cruel, merely copying the Nazis effectiveness and power. However the situation turned sour when the commander Melacon assumed possition as Deputy Furer, keeping John Gilles heavily drugged while he assumed command behind the throne, thus making the Ekosian as mad as the German Nazis were.
However thanks to Kirk, Spock and McCoy, Melacon is dethroned, the war is stopped in the last second and the situation is defused. The Ekosians and the Zoens swear an alliance and the Ekosians turn the evil beliefs that was Melacons goal, into what was John Gilles dream, a civilisation good to the heart, but effective and strong as the nazies. In the ending they, and i quote from the series "Now we'll start to live the way the Furer ment us to live", proving that they will not abandon their ways, just correct them and make them to the better.
Spock even comments that they, both the Ekonians and the Zenons will one day be a fine addition to the Federation.

So the question is, as short as it can be said: Is it allowed to play a good space nazi?
Some of you will probably wonder "Why do he want to do that?
Simple answers: I like a lot of aspects of the Nazis. Dont take me wrong, they were evil *******s, and their beliefs of the supremacy of the fatherland was beyond stupid. But as John Gilles comment, earth have never been so effective as under the nazi rule. i love the uniforms, even though i guess they are impossible to make in STO, but still.
Three, how awesome isnt it with the contradiction of Good Nazis?

Then again, i dont want to be banned, and i certainly dont want to offend people, so im asking the question here. Is it allright? What do you think?