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02-14-2010, 06:28 AM

- Fix bugs, less downtime.. (duh)
- Fix uniforms, can't force models so the ones we deign/display aren't seen when aromour or kits are on, taking off kit etc EVERY time you beam somewhere so you can see your uniform is annoying.


- Uniforms again, can we have a force models button in the menu to make EVERY player have YOUR uniform.. It would make them all uniform.... As an option it would be great, making the whole 'military' have the same uniform, what a concept!! Still leaving it open to others who want to have whatever on display though...
- Why can't my escort fly 90deg up and down? If the enemy is right below or above I have to fly away and then come back as my cannons won't have the right angle to attack if above or below as I CAN'T DIVE OR PULL UP ENOUGH!!!!!
- Ship classes that mean something, at different levels ships have different slots etc, but why not have the 3 (or more please) in every rank class have DIFFERENT slots, make it more of a tactical choice of ship rather than a 'congrats on the promotion, here have another slot or two...'


- Exploration, say when you get to 25 star Admiral (or whatever) you can get flung waaaaaaaaaay out into the middle of nowhere by yourself (like voyager etc), make it a looong mission to get back with AN INTERESTING storyline that isn't generic ie; you make friends/enemies with different races along the way, will effect the rest of it...