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Still broken after patch. They onlt fixed a small piece of the problem.
They may have fixed the problem with the ship turning into icons. But they still haven't fixed the problem of completing the promotion quest.
I dont think you can recieve Medals for PVP until the Promotion Mission completes.
I am CDR 2.9. Cant complete the promotion to CDR mission. I can't get any medals for PVP as a CDR. (Completed several missions and win between 18 and 30 medals for each but they are not showing up in stats)
I cant buy PVP gear if they don't give me my medals.
The promotion quest says to select a ship. I have all 3 !!! I got the free one and bought two more. Ive used all three in missions . I'm pretty sure the the promotion mission is preventing me from recieving PVP rewards.

FIX it Please !!!