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02-14-2010, 06:54 AM
Indeed it have evolved and changed. Not arguing that. and no the point isnt to go sieg hail-ing everything i see. The interesting question however to what have it evolved. What will be left in the society from that part of history? Take Feodal japan as an example. The Samurai were far from good guys. Sure there were the ocational good guy among them, but most of them were powerhungry evil *******s who opressed the people, extorted (Is that the right word) the weak and didnt value the life of the common man more that what work he could do for the Samurai lord. But the Samurai have been a huge part of the social evoluton of japan. Their beliefs in honor, even if the core meaning of them were to guarantee obidience and supremacy, have greatly affected the japanese people for the better. The crime rate is among the lowest in the world, schooling is about the highest quality of the world. I know there are bad parts of it, so dont go bugger me with "Its not as perfect as it seems." but facts are facts. bad things brought good effects. My question, how will the Nazi time of the Ekonians have affected them in the sociological evolutoion. I strongly think that is an interesting question, and that it would be just as interesting to roleplay such a race. Far more interesting that, say Vulcans with their "This is logical, that is illogical. Me being logical is far more illogical than logically possible."