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02-14-2010, 08:38 AM
Originally Posted by bapaveza View Post
I rarely receive the Server Not Responding error message. If you get it I would suggest waiting a few minutes. Sometimes it starts responding again and will just carry-on as if nothing happened. If you leave the game every time you get the error then you are losing out when you may not have to.

I'm having a different issue. Currently stuck on 'retrieving list of characters'.
We got the "Server Not Responding" message all the time in Champions Online. We're on Adsl2, and have no problems with any other mmo we play. But CO we respecced all our melee toons to ranged, was too frustrating to start attacking mobs and have them warp away nearly everytime.

This one doesn't seem so laggy at all, but lately that message has been coming up more and more. Was hoping this game they could have fixed it. Here's hoping they do.

Was stuck at loading, now stuck at retrieving maps lol, hopefully it's just a slow load in.