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Stardate 2438.47

The stars were vast and challenging, the points seemed to reach through the icy cold of space massaging my mind like fingers. Being captain allowed me the best port hole on the ship, I relished the view.

I looked around my quarters seeing the spoils from a hundred raids, ancient Vulcan paintings, human pottery from before the great wars and of course the cases of Romulan Ale peering thru the open closet. Life was good to me, I commanded a powerfull starship with droves of beautiful women under my command. Harry Mudd had nothing on me I thought with a sheepish grin.

Morning, noon or night I had no idea. Depends on the reference I thought to myself, some place in the galaxy it was morning.

"Tea, Orange Pekoe hot".

The replicators swirling photons materialized into my favorite morning brew short of the hair of the dog, I took a sip and again viewed the vastness of space. The Orion nebula, we must be getting close to Federation space, I grinned at the thought of more fat loots from the Federation panzy. The Feds were a powerfull force but they had no idea how to use it, the galaxies yes boys is what I thought of them. They wanted me, wanted me bad, but they didn't have the balls to to bring it to me. I laughed.

The com system sprang to life with a solid "beep". They knew never to speak before I acknowledged the request. I glanced to the stars for a few more seconds, "Jett here, go ahead"

"Captain we have a contact, appears to be a Federation Starliner", came the sweet and sexy voice of my first officer.

Ah Poontang, the sweetest and most deadly Andorian I have ever met. Sweet in the bed and deadly out of it, a great combo for a guy like me. Andorian Poontang.... nothing like it in the galaxy.

"Are there escorts?" I queried to the bridge.

"One, appears to be a constitution class" replied Poontang.

"Intercept course, I am on my way" I commanded.

"Aye Sir, Poontang out".

The turbolift was just outside my quarters, a fast pipe to the bridge. The doors slid open, I stepped in and turned to see Jessica running to catch the lift. "Morning Captain", "Hello Jessica" I retorted. "Hope I didn't keep you up too late last night, you look a bit exhasted sir". I grinned, *****... and lots of it all over my ship. Eat your heart out Mudd. "Well Jessica, if I remember right you had lots of the kahunas last night, I am more concerned for you then myself." She grined that grin that first caught my attention in that dump of a bar on Sekketh 3. I liked her looks, and, well now she is here. Wow, what a body she has... and she knew how to use it.

The doors slid open and I stepped to the bridge, every crew member knew there were a few spots on the ship where it was all seriousness. The bridge was one of them and without so much as a glance Jessica moved to her primary science station. She was good, the best science officer I ever seen. She was mine, both mind and body.

"Report" I beckoned.

"270,000 kilometers and closing, cloak active sir", replied Poontang as she slid out of the command chair.

I moved to my chair and couldnt help but notice Poontangs cheek imprints on my chair. Beautifull sight. I sat in the warm chair, spinning it to the right to face the science stations.

"The constitution crusier is standard deployment, however I am not getting any reading from the starliner they seem to be running a dampening field again sir", reported Jessica.

"They have been running dampening fields on the last 4 Starliners we have raided, I like this, those dampeners sell good to the Orions" said Poontang.

"Standard attack vector, lets come up behind that constitution and knock it out of the battle quickly' was my order.

"Battle stations"

Everyone grinned.

~To Be Continued~