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02-14-2010, 07:40 AM
The sound of the red alert seemed to bring the ship to life, I could feel the vibrations and hear the low grade humm. I knew she was ready for a battle. The Delivery was her name and delivering the pain was her game. I often wondered what the famous pirate George Lowther Delivery would of thought of this ship of the line. She was fast, modified hyper impulse with a state of the art navigation system. A warp core designed for a ship twice her size brought the humm I so loved, couple that with oversized plasma conduits and advanced Bio-neural gel packs stolen from a cargo ship on its way to Memory Alpha provided the brains and power didtribution. She was tough, with ablative armor that complimented the covariant shields stolen from a Federation heavy crusier. A highly modified weapons system brought severe pain up front, I had the forward astrometrics lab removed in order to create a second quantum torpedo bay. Buda bing budda BOOM. During a delivery mission to the Vesper system I met the Klingon general K'tor, when he found out who i was he could not give me enuff disruptor cannons and turrets, but the cloak was the jewel. K'tor let out a deep Klingon belly laugh at the sight of my drool when I saw this on the cargo manifest. I now have a whole cargo bay full of Klingon weapon and cloaking systems. Brings new meaning to the phrase the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Gotta love those Klingons I thought to myself as I gazed at my third in command. Lauku, a Klingon beauty who was my chief engineer. Never have I seen an engineer so bent on creating a destructive force. I loved her!

"Closing to weapons range sir', Poontang my first officer and tactical chief calmly reported.

"Let loose the dogs of war", was my reply.

The crew was well oiled at this, the cloak dropped and within a second the Delivery let loose a massive barrage of disruptor fire. For a moment I thought I saw the light Federation crusier buckle with the impact.

"Their shields are at 40%, their weapons system is locking on to us", reported Jessica.

We delivered to the Feds again, full disruptor and quantum torpedo spread. God damn Poontang was good. I could see decompression explosions and the light crusier seemed to shudder. We over took it.

"Our shields holding sir, not even a dent", Jessica injected.

I grinned.

"Sir! Multiple signals decloaking", cried out Jessica.

"What the...", as I spun my chair to Jessica's station.

"Sir, three Defiant class tactical escorts have decloaked and are locking on", cried out Jessica.

The impact upon the Delivery was incredible, the ship rocked. One, maybe 2 defiant class I could handle. No way can we deal with 3 plus the partially disabled constitution. No way in hell.

"****ing Feds, they are not suppose to be using cloaks in this sector, decietfull *******s. Get us the **** out of here" I yelled out.

Another brutal impact. "Shields holding but we can't take another barrage like that sir".

"Get us out of here", I yelled.

The Delivery rocked, the whole port side seemed to groan, fire on the bridge, multiple crew down.

"Report" as I spun my chair to Jessica, oh god, she was down laying in a pool of blood. "Medical team to the bridge". I screamed thru the intercom.

"Sir, port shields obliterated, port power couplings offline, warp drive offline, hull breaches on decks 6 and 7.... sir, the starliner.... it is heavily ARMED, they just hit us with a full broadside", yelled out Poontang with blood running down her face from a nasy gash on her forehead.

"Reroute power and get the shields back up' I cried out.

****ing Feds, finally grew some balls I thought. The Delivery shuddered again just as the medical team pounced thru the turbolift door.

I looked around the bridge, Ensigns were on fire control, multiple systems were offline. Jason was sitting in front of a blood stained console rerouting power. Medics were tending to Jessica. For the first time in my life I was worried.

"Sir, what are your orders", calmly spoke Poontang.

I looked into her eyes, never before had I seen true fear in those baby blues.

"Sir, your orders" she yelled again.

~To Be Continued~