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02-14-2010, 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by KamiSilver
My question, how will the Nazi time of the Ekonians have affected them in the sociological evolutoion. I strongly think that is an interesting question, and that it would be just as interesting to roleplay such a race. Far more interesting that, say Vulcans with their "This is logical, that is illogical. Me being logical is far more illogical than logically possible."
I'd say go for it. What's wrong with a people learning from their past mistakes? (Or can't one role-play a German or, for that matter, if you look at history long enough, perhaps any race?). Star Trek is all about advancing into the future. Besides, like you said, it has Spock's imprimatur.

Speaking of which, you want a people who learned from their past mistakes -- try Vulcans. Hmm -- I don't remember clearly the episode you mentioned, but perhaps Spock spoke up as he did because he recognized something from Vulcan history (In TOS, Vulcan has a sister-planet as well) in the goings-on with the Ekosians.