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02-14-2010, 07:56 AM
Originally Posted by Anonelbe
Same here. I don't think Science Team is guaranteed to immediately remove debuffs on you. It's a pulse on each tick that has a certain chance. Granted a moderate-high chance, but still has a chance to fail on each pulse. I've had it remove VM so fast, that I didn't even get the pink clouds on me when it hit me. And I've had it hold me for 8-10 seconds before it either ran out or got removed. It's RNG. Not a big deal. There's other, more guaranteed ways to avoid taking dmg in a VM.
I think its more likely to be server side lag at peak times tbh as to why sometimes you have to wait up to 8 seconds for things to catch up. But at least the server catches up unlike some other games where abilties go on cooldown and simply does not fire when the server is lagging.