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02-14-2010, 08:09 AM
Well thing is.. I dont realy like Vulcans. Sure Spock was an entertaining character, but i have pretty much the same problem with Vulcans as i have with Jedis in Star Wars. You cant be "Good" if you lack feelings as much as the are suppose to do. "Logical" decitions are often far from "Good" decitions. Rather the contrary. Life is harsh, hard and cruel when you break it down, and it is thanks to wild shots, guesses and foolhardy decitions that we make it worth living for. logical choises are often "evil" even if i dislike using that term. Shall we save the old and sick? No, that is illogical. They will only burden the society. unless they have knowledge we need. But then the priority isnt to keep them alive, rather extract the knowledge. shall we go to war with this peaceloving planet? Logically yes, if they have resorces we need. since they do not know war, the victory is almost certain, and we will benefit more from exterminating the other race, than sharing the planet with them. Unless, again they have something We need and cannot get ourselves.

That is logic for you. Thus i do not like races who bace their thinking around logic instead of feelings. sure feelings have downsides, aggression, envy, hate. But we need those too. Those without feelings have something much worse. Ambivalence ībefore life. Statistics before love and passion.
but i have ranted on enough about that.