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02-14-2010, 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by deuZige View Post
So Cryptic is now deciding for me, after me paying a lot of money for the <beep> Collectors edition, how i manage my financial business? And by the way, a free debit card? I'm in the Netherlands. I dont think we've got those. And besides. there are different reasons i CANNOT get a debit card, and CANNOT get a paypal account. The only way for me to play this game is by prepayed card. I've had financial problems before in my life i'm still recovering from, which prevent me from getting a paypall or credit card. So basically i am screwed!

Cryptic should have made this clear before i bought the Collectors edition. Now i'm out loads of money and got nothing to show for it. It is a freaking disgrace!

Great! This is the first one i've ever played or considered playing. How the heck was i supposed to know!

I still feel robbed.
If you can not get a Paypal account, it means you have abused the service in such a way that it has caused harm to them and other customers. That is your own fault, so you screwed yourself. Also, with electronic money taking the place of paper money, all developed nations have a debit/credit infrastructure. If you can not get a debit card, it means you either refuse to open a bank account, or you are 13.