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02-14-2010, 08:30 AM
Originally Posted by deuZige View Post
It was a birthday gift. So basically you're right. I wasn't robbed but the person who bought it was.
And she ordered it, so there was no box on which the terms were listed.

And another thing.... I just opened one of those cursed paypall accounts giving everyone in the damned cia and fbi insight into my financial stuff, but what do you know... i STILL NEED A CREDIT CARD!

"U moet een creditcard toevoegen om de aankoop te voltooien. Dit komt waarschijnlijk omdat de verkoper geen eChecks accepteert. Voor sommige betalingen, zoals directe betalingen, is een creditcard vereist.."

Which basically translates to that the selling party doesn't accept echecks and that for some payments i am forced to get a credit card.

This is NOTHING LESS than THIEVERY! Not delivering a promised product after receiving payment for it. over 60 Euro's were payed for this product and it is useless. Cryptic..... i curse the!
It said on the website that a subscription is required. Your mommy can't read, apparently.

You can tie PayPal directly to your checking account. That's how mine is set up.