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02-14-2010, 08:34 AM
Originally Posted by Callasan View Post
Why? BEcause good or not, portrayal of ANY "Nazi" in a positive light is illegal in certain countries. Specifically, in Germany. To prevent Cryptic from coming under legal fire there (and in Germany ot's perfectly legal to prosecute entities in other countries for offenses in German law), they'd have no choice but to squelch your "roleplay", and damn fast, too. Remember, in Germany it's illegal to promote ANYTHING "Nazi", to sell "Nazi" memorabilia (and ebay's caught the brunt of that a few times), etc etc et-freakin-c....
I actually didnt know that. Thank you.
And yes, i am attracted to the Nazi element. But as i said before, not to the "lets kill all that isnt Us" part, rather the idea "What if you take Nazis and turn them good guys? How would it be?"