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02-14-2010, 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by DeWitt_LSF
The only way to interpret Nazis as the good guys is to adopt their mantra of hate and bigotry. Then all the rest of us are the bad guys. You really need to do some research on what the Nazis and especially now the Neo- nazi movement is all about, and really let your parents know so they can help you get over it.
Cute response. Check the history yourself. Hitler didnt only do bad things you know. agreed, he is/was/probably will be one of the crulest men in history. But fact is that no country ever before or after nazi germany have had such a recovery from such a low state as it was in when Hitler took power. and that was before he started killing of the jews. Cultural events were common, the spirit were high. Both he an Mussilini (Or however you spell his name) were celebrated by many of the world leaders as briliant men, before the war began. before madness struck. So go read your own history before you go telling it to others.