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02-14-2010, 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by Nosatus
My fiance and I play together, we just made ltc last night. The only problem we've come across is that when one of us triggers a dialog, both of us get it. That wouldn't be a problem except sometimes it's a pain to close the dialog windows if I'm done reading and she's not...either it will close both or it will open mine again. It's not a major bug, it's just kinda annoying.

There's also an issue with beaming to space docks (like earth, k7,ds9, etc), it will ask it we want an away team, most of the time it just shows the two of us in the away team box, but sometimes it wants to bring our bridge officers too, not sure what triggers that.

Sometimes we're not in the same instance on the sector map, even after playing for a while, but that can be easily fixed by one of us switching instances.

Overall, I'd say that the teaming is good, there are just a few minor problems that could be done better.
The game does its best to make sure you both wind up in the same instance, but sometimes one of your instances reaches max capacity before the other manages to join.

As for the bringing BOs down to spacedock, I've gotten that dialog too while playing with friends, but I don't think it's ever actually brought them along. I'm sure that's on Cryptics todo list.