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02-14-2010, 09:19 AM
The only way you would have any issues is if one of you became 8+ levels higher than the other. This is because of the "up-scaling" that is currently in place where if you're in a team with a High Level and a Lower Level player, any new spawned mobs in the instance, or when the instance is formed, will spawn at the level that the highest team-member is.

For instance, when one of my friends was Lieutenant Commander 4 and I had just hit Captain 1, they asked if I could help them on a mission they were having trouble with. So, I teamed with him, went to his mission instance and helped him obliterate the ships he was having problems with. Then, as the mission progressed, more ships spawned. When those ships spawned, they were +16 levels higher than my friend, spawning at my level instead. Needless to say, I had to stop helping him because he would continuously get shot once or twice and die. Same thing happened with the next ground mission we tried.

This is a very unfortunate oversight that was probably put in place with good intentions to lessen power-leveling. Unfortunately, it made the simple task of helping a lower-level friend once and a while almost impossible unless you wanted to do the whole mission for them while they sat back far far away.

This is something that I feel needs to change and some sort of other penalty should be put in place in its stead when dealing with a large level gap in team mates.