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02-14-2010, 10:43 AM
"Spartan" still implies "functional". There was no reason we should have launched with broken quests and broken vendors. And what's up with Assimilated Cruiser having those dark areas where you can't see properly? And the queue issues? Even the most basic game elements didn't work correctly and some still don't. I was prepared for spartan. I was not ready for broken.

What annoys me more, though, is the lack of discussion. Even in beta there was little real dialogue between players and developers. Maybe they read our posts, maybe they don't, but "dialogue" implies two-way communication. They should discuss what they're coming out with so we can at least tell whether or not they're on the right track.

Because if they say, "Guys, you're going to love the 45 day update. It's going to have lots of PvE questing from levels 1 - 25" then we could just interrupt them right now and tell them not to bother.