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02-14-2010, 09:59 AM
Originally Posted by KamiSilver
Easy. Ruins and Dust. Ruins and Dust with a huge war-debt. Thats how you describe post ww2 germany Before Hitler got to power.
Again, i do not like Hitler. I do not stand for what the nazis did.

and im not saying its "All right to torture children, if it is for a good cause." Mr. Zahinder.
And for Mr/Miss YuriFoxfirega, let me say this. I try to view history in a gray scale, never black and white. If that is naive to you, the go ahead and think so.

After WWII The "Nazis" werer out of power and Adolf Hitler was how did he get to power POST-WW2?

I think you mean "post-WWI" - typing "post-WW2" is only creating confusion.