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02-14-2010, 12:23 PM
Originally Posted by Wagganott
I'm currently doing "Defeat Enemy Signal Contacts" and some/most of my allies always get a head start on the killing. They seem to me doing something like a short sprint. For a short wile they shoot away at great speed like running when you are doing ground missions.

How do I do that and what is it called.

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It's called "Full Impulse", and has the side effect of completely draining ALL your ship's power and rerouting it to the engines.

That leaves you wiht no weapons power OR shield regen for a few seconds once you come out of it I.E stop short or you're a sitting duck for a bit.

To activate it EITHER put the "Full Impulse" ability on your hotbars and using it, OR click onthe upward-pointing double arro on the top of your "throttle". Click the double arrow again to come out of it. When you're using it, the throttle will flash.