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02-14-2010, 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by Zurdibus
Turning down your video settings manually so you can load into Sol and then jacking them back up after you have zoned is not rectification its a pain in the rear end.
Thank you, this is exactly my point, it is a pain in the ass. We are being told to do this by a dev if we want to play, but we are not being told when / if it will be rectified.

Originally Posted by Zurdibus
This is a coding flaw or a misconfigured hidden cache setting ......................................But this is a bug and it shouldn't be marked fixed and swept under the carpet.
Exactly, it's a bug (or at least a shortsighted programming / hardware configuration). Personally I feel that we should be getting better information about its rectification, not cheap excuses and workarounds. As another poster rightly stated, the loading problem was no where near as bad under OB.. Ok, I realise that improvements have been made to the graphics, sound, gameplay etc since then and much more has been added to the game, but it still shouldn't be this bad. Maybe I'm wrong, but the times I feel this worst is during peak / busy server times and I think the biggest problems are caused by server load issues.

Honestly, I want to see this game suceed, I like it, but I'm getting sick and tired of players / trolls / fanboys like Tedgp123 who are quite happy to brush all the bugs under the carpet and call players like me who call Cryptic on them trolls. I am not a troll, I am a paying customer who is not getting what I payed for, plain and ****ing simple and I want answers not excuses, quickfixes and blah blah blah !!