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# 1 Crystal Entity Attempt #4
02-14-2010, 11:44 AM
Tried to pug this again today while I was waiting for someone to log.

People are still too stupid to complete the match. There was one person in zone telling the correct strategy of killing all shards and five times that many yelling "DONT FOCUS THE SHARDS" like idiots.

We actually got a zone of 5 smart people to focus the shards and got it down to 25% but when the large ones spawn everyone has to focus the shards or they quickly overcome the entire instance, which happened to us.

So in summation, there are still way too many guys kiting 15 shards behind them only focusing the boss for this mission to be completable right now. Please do your part and tell these people how wrong they are so we can stop flying around in circles for hours on end getting nothing done.

I'll try it again in a day and see if people have gotten smarter yet, but I hold very little hope.