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02-14-2010, 11:57 AM
I entirely doubt people will eventually kill this thing. I tried last night just for kicks.

Somehow I ended up in an instance by myself, which is cool, and I start my circle the thing at 9km and let my beams work. I solo it down to 90% when other people start warping into my instance. the very first guy came in and dropped mines. Instantly back to 100% health. So I just keep circling and by now I've got like 50 fragments following me so that same guy thinks I'm in trouble so he fires at the ones following me. They instantly turn toward him and because he did so at 4 km he gets blown up before he can even try to make an escape.

I saw no less than 3 people turn face first into oncoming fragments and blow up.

And as for the mines thing, if I hadn't seen it with only 2 people around (Me and the guy dropping mines) I wouldn't have believed it would heal the CE. But someone pointed out in another thread that maybe the mines are not destroying the fragments, but that the fragments are actually destroying the mines before they blow up, therefore counting as something "destroyed" and healing the CE.