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02-14-2010, 12:07 PM
Originally Posted by Shadelokk
I have an ATI 4850 HD card as well, crashes the game at least twice a day, especially in ground combat...where are these WDM drivers you speak of? I've gotten the new directx 11 already, no change.
Install ati's radeon HD 3200, (laptop version or pc version, both same) then updated 3200 one time, and you should be fine. its what i did, but i do notice it lags more on ati antialiasing buffers and gpu output gets choked, make sure hypermem is on, this makes a difference. set antialiasing off or to lowest setting 2x, then turn off shaders and dynamic lighting fx, and see if that clears the lag gpu choke.. hope this helps a little. btw dx isnt the issue, its the driver "from" ati cards, the dont have the right gpu throtle specs from the game yet, some sort of code malfunction on newer ati drivers are the problem and need to be patched. My friend on champions is screaming about it too, lol... so from 2 gamers on multiple comps and laptops, i hope this might help some peeps........:p:p