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02-14-2010, 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by ellisDwilder View Post
you guys sure this game is ready to be sli enhanced, even if it says it does usually takes a new patch. not having any issues with my built comp (9800 gtx+)

edit: and im running this at max setting without issue..... i hope your monitors are over 22 inches... othwise you dont even need sli

No Im not sure this game is sli enhanced yet, which is why I am posting here... if I run off one card my game is fine too with everything maxed... but in SLI it looks like crap... yours is fine, are u running in sli or single card?

What I would like to know is there anybody running this game in SLI in FUllscreen without any problems? And if so whats ur specs/drivers and are u using a custom sli profile.