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02-14-2010, 12:10 PM
Firstly I will say that I have played federation to Admiral and along the way have been able to aquire a lot of equipment , allways having to goto the bank to put stuff in and regularly selling stuff for energy credits.

The amout of ship equipment is just amazing and the quality too.

Now for a change I started to play Klingon (first time since Beta), the exp is very slow, the equipment is throttled, energy credits few and far between. Add to this that there is no cruiser class at LC rank.

The levelling is probably about 50% slower than fed even though I anm almost instantly getting a pvp game every time I select one. So after countless pvp matches I find that I can only buy some Mk 2 stuff and one Mk4 console.Also when I played fed I managed a whole rank and then some during the weekend, playing Klingon however was just 6 levels!

Add to this the 'get killed by federation captains ' mission and a sorry picture is beginning to form, also at a certain level federation cruisers seem to be impervious to my disruptors with very little damage being done to their shields , however they rip through mine which is odd as they use beams and I use canons! Head on a BOP should allways win with this configuration, the early levels were fine , it just seems lacking at LC somehow.

I can see though with a Business model how you would do more for federation players as there are a lot more of them. So my advice for Klingons is to play federation till the problem is addressed as you are just wasting time!