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02-14-2010, 12:45 PM
Originally Posted by Tiberius_Raeder
I wouldn't be surprised if they neuter the rewards given when it comes to FvF combat. That way, if the Feds really want the juicy rewards they will still have to fight us!

On another note, the Devs HAVE announced that there will be a bunch of klingon content in the first 'major' patch that is apparently due out in @a months time. I know, I know, a month may seem like forever to the ADHD MMO crowd but it will come faster than you think and the Klingons SHOULD be a much more satisfying gaming experience.
They said it would be 45 Days, but please look at the statement. They had Months of Closed Beta, Weeks or Open Beta, and then the head start and they still couldnt get the missions and game playable at release. I am sure we will see some sort of a content patch for klingons but I can only imagine the quality of the patch.