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02-14-2010, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by BlueDestiny View Post
Just - I appreciate your frustration, it comes through, but A) no need to take that first replies bait and be baited, and B) if you slow down and actually constructively set out the CORRECT strategy, people might improve on a confusing content and situation.

I've not tried CE yet, frankly I'm afraid to waste my time. I've seen constant chatter in ingame chat by players expressing frustration that other players ruin it over and over so they can't get it done. It sounds like that other one with the Borg area where players keep killing the Repair Hubs and ruining the attempt for players - in one case we tried 8 times and no matter how hard we tried communicating, some player would still destroy the repair hubs and ruin it for everyone.

So, in real summary:

1 - Cryptic: Stop designing our content to rely on PUGS to read and listen... its not good gameplay and its not good design. If you're going to provide PUG driven content, make sure your dos and donts are clearly stated in mission objectives that players (even blind ones) can read and see. Other games have done this by putting the mission "Donts" clearly in red text with a counter, and when the counter is reached, it says FAIL. These content points don't clearly say it enough for the knumbskulls and they're ruining your content and our gameplay.

Further, Cryptic, it has been said that some of the problem, like as with the Borg one mentioned above, is you're combining content such that some players are actually after those objectives that ruin it for other player's objectives, so there's a conflict because you've combined instances serving multiple quests, and they ruin it for each other. If this is true - Double bad design on you.

2 - To the OP, while we're waiting on Cryptic to add clarity and content refinement (see point 1 above), you could be more clear in stating what the objective strategies really are (the do's and don'ts at various stages)... otherwise, this thread is a bit of a waste of everyone's time.
i completely agree that a definite lack of clarity regarding rules of engagement for these missions is causing not only confusion, but also mass irritation for people who know what to do but are being held back by people who do not know what to do. Cryptic may not realise that mission instructions are not clear enough. Perhaps english is not their first language. however this issue being addressed would benefit a lot of people.