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02-14-2010, 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by DarkOmens View Post
Tell me, where do the words Star & Trek show up in that post? The point was Cryptic's MMO history of working with ONLY super hero games vs. a game company that focused on one concept and did it right, yet the MMO of said game still fails from my point of view.

The 'idea' of Star Trek has never been an MMO, nor something one could consider a playable multiple player concept, while WarHammer was built on the ideal of numerous players from any walk of life engaged in direct interaction and game play.
Its been edited re-read it, I realized misinterpretation after I posted.

Ill reiterate, Cryptic has had a decent amount of experience with MMOs. Table top games and MMOs are VERY different. Cryptic should know how to make an MMO by now, while Games Workshop has never even touched online gaming.