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02-14-2010, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by steelcurtain96 View Post
I wouldn't mind having casual outfits to wear other than your Starfleet Uniform. Starfleet Officers DO get downtime ya know...
Unfortunately we get too much "server" down time

Long gloves, long boots, strapless tops and stretchy pants, I dont care what my girls wear lol no in TNG Troy wears tight suits and low cut blouses with skirt, why is only OST getting the love? 7of9 had some skin tites, that skinny Bajorian chick from DS9 had the one piece, TNG away team outfit when Picard, Worf and Crusher went on that undercover opp and lets not forget about that hot Vulcans outfit from STE.

We should also be able to save a few outfits to swap out afterall we paid for them. This way we could have casual cloths, uniforms, combat cloths and dress uniforms/cloths for events.

I would also like to see stuff like concerts and plays. You pay for seats using SFCs you get dressed up and go watch the performance. Birthday parties in ten forward or even celebrations being held whatever the reasons. Training Holodecks for pvp/dueling. Poker Parties are a must.

These would all give us an oppertunity to wear our various outfits and bring roleplaying more into prospective.