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02-14-2010, 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
Klingons supposed to be an honorable race, but yet the growing list of players I'm seeing in STO are becoming anything but Honorable. For instance:

PvEvP: Players taking advantage of other players as they are already engaged in PvE combat, far from being honorable. In fact, there is even a STO Federation PvE moment where Klingons look highly upon aiding or being aided by a foe, against a greater foe.

Trash talking: I know Klingons like to trash talk, but some things being said in zone chat is getting to the point even Klingons would say, "Woah".

Feel free to add to this list.

So why not implement a Dishonor system that punishes these players from making this game become another WoW, where the mouth rules more than the sword?
WOW doesn't use a dishonor system anymore and hasn't for years. WOW does currently have an enhanced PvEvP site, with enhanced rewards, called Wintergrasp that is the exactly the same on PVP, Normal (PVE), and Roleplaying servers.

**** also has such areas for instances and rewards. COX had such areas with rare rewards. There are several other games with this system.

The reasons that the looting is SO GOOD in THAT PvEvP instance is that it is a PVP WAR ZONE. If you don't like PVP or are not willing to focus on the PVP first, don't enter a PVP zone.

If you aren't fighting in a PVP zone, there is one core truth to the PvEvP mechanic, you are not using the system as the developers intended.

That means you want the superior reward without the effort. This is called an EXPLOIT. This is also known to result in warnings leading to a permanently BAN the offender's ACCOUNT in most games.

As for conduct, most of the same players play both sides. I might post GG all day but don't always see it returned. A system involving conduct would be needed for all sides.

The first use of it should be nuke ANY player in a war zone not using that zone as the developers intended. That's so such players can eventually be permanently removed from the game. There should never be a reward for people CHEATING.

That's not the players blowing you up. That's you. You did a nice job of turning yourself and your cheating friends in. Hopefully, the devs read this and start appropriate action.