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I have looked at the forum thread for using a joystick and still no joy. I am Using a SAITEK cyber X joystick with a 64bit win 7 HP laptop and a Belkin n52te gamepad. The game pad works, Joystick does not. I want at the min to bind WASD and fire all weapons but no luck. Joystick works and responds when tested using the saitek software.

Here is what I am doing:

SAITEK software is running in the tray:
THe STO profile is loaded
X Axis =Directional Axis
X Axis + = Untitled

X Axis - = Untitled 1

Y Axis = Directional Axis
Y axis + = Untitled 2

Y Axis - = Untitled

I save the profile and then load it as teh active profile (the joystick is green in the system tray), but my ship does not respond in the game.

What I am doing wrong?